Professional & Personal Assistant Services

Why Spare time?

Spare time is owned and operated by Colleen Davis.  She is able to provide you with top notch service.  Her 20+ years experience as an Executive and Personal assistant both in the Corporate and Private sectors provide her with a deep skill set which enable her to help you in a dynamic way.

Spare time recognizes there is a high need for assistance on a part-time and one off hourly basis.  We are here to provide that assistance so we can help you carve out extra time to attend to the other important things in your life.

"Colleen is a very capable, detail-oriented and professional assistant. She is pleasant and efficient, and knows how to improve the efficiency of the people she works for. She is also lively and fun. Recommended!" – Emily Parker, Senior Strategy Officer, Impact Planning & Improvement, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Competitor Analysis - 

With the technology  and social media boom there are a lot of "Virtual Assistants" out there to chose from including a voice in a box by the name of Siri.  Most "Virtual Assistant" services  are people with little to no specialized experience and they are compensated at low hourly rates.  The truth is you will get what you pay for. 

"Colleen is extremely gifted at organizing and managing details. She arranged multi-staff trips to trade shows that always went off without a hitch; she oversaw client billings, business budgets, project archives, staff project time sheets and much more. Colleen was reliable and she always had her eye on the ball - I never worried when Colleen was overseeing details, she made my job much easier and she's just a joy to have around.”  -  Lisa Pastore, Owner, Talking Dog Media

About the Owner / Operator

Colleen Davis has exceptional organizational and time management skills and is able to prioritize multiple tasks to meet changing deadlines and requests, while strategically thinking ahead.  She proactively manages details and is able to anticipate and solve problems.  Creativity and innovation take her assistance services to the next level.  Demonstrated experience in maintaining confidentiality, discretion and privacy during sensitive situations in all environments. Professional and personal references available.  

“Colleen is an intelligent and creative assistant with a strong sense of ownership over her areas of responsibility and the company's interests at large.”   
- Steve Page, President & General Manager, Infineon Raceway, now Sonoma Raceway